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The musical experience must become a cultural and human heritage shared by all.



In every human being there is a natural need for music, an inner musicality.
When they are born, everyone has artistic skills, especially musical skills.
Everyone has the right to develop this creativity and to grow together with it.
The musical experience must therefore become a cultural and human heritage shared by all.



The Samnium International University Of Music was founded in 2018 by a group of established musicians in the world panorama of Classical - Symphonic and Operistic music. The University has always supported young and old musicians from all over the world, training them with internationally renowned teachers, creating pre-professional and professional opportunities for them. It operates throughout the national and international territory with annual courses, master classes and workshops, specialization and high specialization courses, concert seasons, tours, events and manifestations in synergy with numerous and established theaters around the world.

The story, the idea

Our international project, "International Orchestra Auditions Awards - #unitedformusic ", wants to represent worldwide, through the experience of live listening, a renewal and approach to the world of classical / symphonic music, trying to improve the intellectual and emotional well-being of human beings. The project developed by Samnium International University of Music is divided into a series of paths that highlight how much music - classical, symphonic and opera - is intrinsically linked to history, culture and globalization. For this to happen, it is necessary that "our" artistic / cultural project must respond to content and form requirements that can guarantee a "path" of artistic growth by directing talented young people, in collaboration with other music universities around the world, to the profession of musician.

International Orchestra Auditions Awards

Samnium International University of Music is part and parcel of “International Orchestra Auditions Awards” artistic and training program. The program aims to prepare experienced and novice musicians from all over the world to engage in their profession. The international online audition represents a stepping stone to select, through a jury made up of internationally renowned experts and talented concertmasters, the best musicians from all over the world in order to become part of the Samnium Symphony Orchestra staff. The selected musicians will follow a specific training program involving various international universities, artistic and musical associations. An important moment within our project is represented by the chance to perform, among others, in one of the most important and suggestive theaters in Europe, the Musikverein in Wien: on June 21st 2021 it will host the audition winners concert.
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