About Us

The musical experience must become a cultural and human heritage shared by all.

Samnium Symphony Orchestra


One of the many reasons we founded the Samnium Symphony Orchestra was to give any musician around the world the opportunity to get in touch and make music together.

In a word: promoting music in the world through the foundation of a permanent and stable orchestra.

For this reason, the Samnium University of Music organizes laboratories, workshops, masters, high specialization courses. Besides, Samnium has created a digital platform for the management and coordination of a system of cooperation between musicians from all over the world, where they will collaborate among them for the equal exchange of logistics and booking.

Samnium University of Music S.R.L. has received European funding to form a stable orchestral group that is an expression of the university community, made up of those who practice a musical instrument with continuity and passion and who have the time and desire to commit to an initiative in the name of Samnium, Italian University of Music.

Music conservatories, international academies and other music schools will be able to provide a qualified partnership to the initiative through their teachers, students and other resources.

The musicians who will stand out during the concerts organized by the Samnium University of Music, at the Musikverein in Wien and in traditional theatres in Italy, in June 2021 will have the opportunity to be hired for future collaborations or events and will be able to be part of the permanent staff of the Samnium Symphony Orchestra

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